Dove hearts…Chinese style!

8 Sep

This is my first Chinese snack review, and this purchase was made because i needed something quick to eat, and after travelling for hours, sometimes all a girl needs is a bit of chocolate!
so here goes, my first snack review!

I saw this packet on the shelf at my local minimart and decided that Dove (the only recognisable western chocolate brand in China) would have to do.
The packet immediatly caught my eye with what promised to be a delicious experience, and what little i can understand of the packaging says it is made with cows milk. ( In the past i have eaten chinese chocolate that tastes like its carob…not that there is anything wrong with carob, its just…not chocolate!)
Inside the pretty box was exactly five chocolates in a little silver tray, they sure are beautifully packaged!
When I bit into one fresh off the shelf it had a soft caramel centre, but the chocolate was a little powdery- not full cream like a good Cadbury or Nestle, yet still has a satisfying taste. This picture was taken from one straight out of the fridge so the inside is hard.


All in all this little packet cost me 4yuan. Expensive in the Chinese snack department ( still only about 60 cents in Aus) but a delicious diversion none the less. I would give this snack a 4 out of 5, based mainly on presentation, flavour wasn’t too bad it was just lacking that key something…

so let me know what type of foods or drinks you would like me to try, there is a million things to chose from over here, like types of beer, types of styles of food, and even different types of snacks (e.g sweets, savoury, meats, roadside foods etc!)


2 Responses to “Dove hearts…Chinese style!”

  1. Katy Lee September 8, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    Not so much related, but glad to see you are safely in the land o’ China.
    In the four days that I haven’t seen you, I miss you super much and have fun/funny things to tell you already.
    I love you so.
    So there.

    • christofski September 10, 2010 at 2:16 am #

      Oh oh I can’t wait to hear some funny stories. you should download skype…like right now! I love you to my sugar dumpling!Xx

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