Sweat never looked so good.

9 Sep


I have been wandering around Binzhou for four days. and i have noticed a peculiar phenomenon. it would seem I am sweating like its a 45degree day! All around me calm, serene Chinese bask in the beautiful Autumn weather, and here i am, the strange freckley foreign girl sweating like im a stuck pig! Personally, i put it down to the fact that i came straight from winter weather in Aus to here, coupled with that, i live on the 5th floor of an apartment building and climbing the stairs is a sweat work-out in itself! People stare at you like your a strange creature, and usually all i have to do is smile or say Ni Hao! to make them smile back, Usually i will get asked ‘where are you from’ and ‘can you speak chinese’ at least once a day, at most times three or four.

Everything has been a journey here, i have to figure out how to do almost everything. Becasue of this though i do have a sense of self empowerment.in the past four days i have had to figure out how to order my own drinking water, use a purely chinese washing machine, find shortcuts to the kindergarten, find peoples offices, buy electrictiy amongst other things. Binzhou has changed so much that i can not rely on my previous experience here as a definitive guide to ‘life in China’. Most of my favourite restuarants are gone, whole shopping areas are gone, streets that were just dirt roads are now fully paved and lined with trees, street food vendors are near impossible to find and little alleyway cheap shops are done. But the biggest change is the gas/electricity in my apartment. Last time i came here i was fully funded by the university, but now i have had to buy my own electricity ( which we apparently get an allowance for) and the gas is mains gas, which used to be a bottle under the burners, which we also get an allowance for. Binzhou is looking more beautiful for sure, But to me it seems as if this is another different city altogether, save for the same faces of the people i met last time. Overall i tend to spend a lot of time in my apartment, I dont have a bike yet, so taking a taxi into town seems like a mega luxury to me. I am sure it will all make sense soon enough!
Well at least today has beautiful blue skies and clean air.


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