Some random picture adventures.

14 Sep

Here is a collection of images from my walk around town last night to find me some proper Chinese foods.
This is my Apartment building in the Universities compound.
A wedding archway. Usually when some one gets married their apartment complex sets up this kind of entrance way, then has a red carpet all the way to the couples door. Fire cracker remnants littered the ground like red snow.
The typical area of Binzhou, the centre of town is much nicer though.
After i had eaten ( i didnt get a chance to photograph my food) i went for the long walk back home, but stopped past here to see the show. just around the corner was a classical instrument show with singing and plenty of Erhu playing. Whats an Erhu you say? Why its one of these!…
Say hello to my little friend ( scarface reference anyone?)
practising today… not so good.. like some one was skinning a cat! haha


One Response to “Some random picture adventures.”

  1. mummsy September 17, 2010 at 3:42 am #

    nice to see your exploring ur surroundings. Oma says ‘hello’. we are of to Fiji tommorrow, Meri has had her third baby now, another little boy.

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