Holy sweet potato Moon Cakes, Batman!

23 Sep


Well the weather has began to show its wintry side. Yesterday was the Mid Autumn festival which means we get to eat delicious moon cakes! This year the mid Autumn festival, which goes by the lunar calendar, falls only a few days apart from the National day holidays. This means that there is about a weeks worth of holidays crammed in to two weeks. People who have classes are now having to make up missed days on weekends and after normal class hours.
The tradition for most Chinese is to make sure they spend Mid Autumn night with their families, preparing dumplings and eating moon cakes. This also means travel is a nightmare with many Chinese having to travel back to their home towns for this to happen.
More often than not, as this is one of the most important holidays in the Chinese calendar, gifts of moon cakes, oil, rice and other daily necessities are given by bosses to their workers and vice versa. It also means that foreigners like myself are practically left alone for three days worth of holidays. Luckily I had been introduced to a bunch of foreigners the week before so i was invited to attend a traditional Chinese dinner, with a bunch of Non Chinese. Last night we had two Moroccans, 2 spanish, two french, one Aussie (me) and three Chinese! A really multicultural meal.

Moon cakes taste like… well like fruit mince pies cross with some other pastry. they have a soft centre usually with the filling embossed on the top. you can get sweet ones, which are my favourite, with pineapple, fruit, glazed cherries, and other sweet things, and sometimes you can get horrible fillings like meat.. and salty corn. If you can’t read the printed top, sometimes its a pot luck. More often than not, they are delicious though, and a staple in everyone’s diet around this time of year. If I was to review the one in the picture ( a sweet potato moon cake) I would give it a 3 out of 5- everything is delicious save for this weird lump of mashed sweet potato in the middle!

In other news I still do not know when my classes begin, When i will get paid, When I can sign my contract, Anything at all really. All is fine though…even though i ran out of gas and can’t cook anything… gee whan i list it like this it sounds like a nightmare, but in reality it is much more simple. Just cruise.


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