IIIIIm dreaming of a whhiiiiite Chhhristmaaas…..

26 Dec


well it has been a while, i am sorry i am so slack at updating, but i guess we all knew that was going to happen!
Christmas was…interesting… i recieved some good gifts, like my new stuffed turtle Mr WuGui (wu gui is turtle in Chinese) as well as a whole bunch of “Christmas Apples” (ping an guo) ‘ping an’ means peace, and at Christmas time it is common for Chinese to give each other apples (ping guo) The only problem with this little tradition is that..well… I HATE APPLES! hehehe Anyway… i didn’t get my white christmas like i wanted ( it snowed two weeks before) but at least i got the pleasure of singing in a school performance…on christmas night *sarcasm* and got told i looked beautiful (due to heavy makeup) all night 🙂 plus i had a delicious, warm, western style Christmas dinner to enjoy with my dormitory friends.
As soon as i get the video of that performance, i will upload it to youtube or some other hosting site. or even just post some photos!
Love you- be safe and have a happy new year! (we bought fireworks so stay tuned to the next installment entitled ‘Christi loses an arm in New years celebration!’ -kidding mum, kidding!


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