Daves Adventures in China

16 Feb

Not many photos to accompany this post but its a short update to let you know where Dave and i traversed to on our two week holiday of awesome.

Firstly we spent two days in Beijing and visited a Lama Temple ( or is that Llama?) it holds the guiness world record for the tallest statue of Buddha made from a single tree! unfortunatly people can’t take photos so we are out of luck on that one, however the place had some beautiful grounds and statues which we could take photos of.

After Beijing Dave came to my small little town ( which suprised him by not being that small at all) and we spent a few days setting off fireworks and eating at my favourite restuarants. followed by shopping and general laziness as nothing is open during the spring festival/ chinese new year holiday.

Following Binzhou, we took a three hour bus ride to Qingdao and stayed in a hotel which, although close to the city centre was in fact a shit box of 20 floors and not worth the money spent to sleep between its sheets. Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city which has a long beach walk and fresh air. a good night life ( at least it did, but again i put its lack of crazy nights down to the fact its the holidays) and fresh and abundant seafood restuarants. we went for some long walks and late night McDonalds feasts..damn those chicken nuggets were good at 2am!
After we got bored of Qingdao we travelled to one of my favourite cities Jinan in Shandong Province, and visited the same places i went to in a previous post ( thousand buddha mountain, which we climbed, and Baotu spring park which was all done up nicely for the holidays) we took lots of crazy pictures in lots of crazy poses, and i had some fun introducing dave to Chinas version of KFC (Dicos) amongst other things. Jinan has two good Anime stores, so davey had a field day buying up all the crazy hats!

After Jinan we returned to Beijing to drink, in a really cool cheap bar called the smugglers, Dave got to eat at Hooters, we went to my favourite hidden bar called the Hidden tree..ahhh the memories of late night pizza and belgium beers! we went shopping at the silk market and i had to haggle my brains out ( no more interactions with sellers for me for a long time!) We climbed the great wall at Badaling in the snow ( the most touristy of the great walls) as well as breifly visiting the Ming tombs..(i should say tomb because although there is 14 tombs, only one is open to the public view.) we went to a jade factory and a silk factory but the whole purpose of those visits is to make you buy stuff. and dave and i had a snow fight while waiting for the tour bus.. hehe

In the end we went to the airport and had BurgerKing/ Hungry Jacks ( one of only three stores in the whole of China) and then went our seperate ways.

all in all a great little holiday- Now there is only 12 days until i start to teach again, so i need to get cracking and plan those lessons! woo!


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  1. mummsy April 1, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

    so what does this mean for ur relationship?

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