A picnic!

27 Mar

My weekends currently consist of working on saturdays and outings on sundays! just the way i like it!
huaiqian, lucy reda and my head!
our flying magic goldfish!
its a windy, windy day 🙂

I have been feeling a little strange lately, commonly i will be thinking about a time 3 months from now… we will all be going our seperate ways, and though i have plans to see everyone again in the future we will never again be as close as we are now. Here, we live in a bubble of our own. the world spins and convolutes around us but we remain secluded and safe here. we dont have to do anything, just live and there is a wonder in that; in the ability to be seperate from the world while still living every minute in it. Its a time i dont really want to end, i dont want to make new friends i would like if it was possible to freeze time as it is. to never grow up, to never have a responsibility but to ourselves and each other.
In three months my world will change, and i will be in Australia for a visit.


One Response to “A picnic!”

  1. sal April 13, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    G’day Gorgeous!

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