S.O.D cream- product review

15 May

Since i have been in China i haven’t had the opportunity to keep myself in constant supply of my favourite Olay moisturiser. In fact i have been going through moisturiser here like its going out of fashion! Instead i have been experimenting with a few different types and the current one is this SOD cream. Sure i could buy something more expensive, but i wanted something good, not too expensive but still leves my skin feeling non greasy. usually i have been buying small bottles of Nivea brand hand cream to use on my face, but i have been recommended to buy SOD because apparently many Chinese girls use it. Before i had resisted the urge to try it, hearing horror stories of hidden bleaching elements in most Chinese beauty products, however after careful examination SOD turns out to be made from ( or at least containing) natural ingredients- which is always a win for me.
“helps the epidermis actively absorb water all day long”
“S.O.D contains essence and nutrients from Orange and chamomile which provides the the skin with sufficient water…to improve water content in the skin and relieve dry wrinkles and prevent scale off” What the hell is scale off? shedding dead skin? thats natural baby!
” moisture holding compound from pearl shell forms a natural water holding layer over the skin and helps the epidermis absorb water all day long” sounds great doesnt it? well it just feels like a normal moisturiser to me!.. but fancified with pearls and stuff!
Overall, this bottle of SOD cost me 10yuan.. equivilant to $1.60! not bad i think, and considered a mid range priced moisturiser by chinese standards- The cream i was using previously was a top range 15yuan, 50ml Nivea ( the most integrated and popular foreign brand) hand cream and would last me about a month, this one is just as good i think, so i might stick with it!

In other news, yesterday we all went for a picnic at puhu lake and then went for a swim in the local pool! I taught my Chinese friend Lucy how to do a basic paddle using a tyre inner tube and even rescued my friend Safa from nearly drowning! Thank god for compulsory swim education at primary schools in Australia! even managed to sunbake a little on the concrete, however i will not get used to all the people on the outside of the pool staring in at us through the bars of the fence, kinda like a zoo. After swim time, we went to our friends business opening where we were once again treated like a spectacle and forced ( and i mean literally) and dragged on stage to perform a song. however none of us spoke a common language so it ended up being a mess. if there is one thing i hate is being forced to perform like a monkey in front of a crowd. Here is a photo of Safa drawing winners of prizes out of a box…

All in all i was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, spent with friends in the now warming weather!
Xx from Christi


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