Kirin coffee and some art.

30 May


Japanese brand Kirin gave me a pleasant experience when i tried this coffee drink. I wasn’t expecting much, having had some bad experiences with coffee in cans and the like, and although this is nothing on an iced coffee BigM that you get from the milk bar, it was suprisingly good. ( though i don’t know if that might be because my taste buds have changed?) Basically, to sum it up, it is very strong (hardly any milk taste) and very sweet. I am not sure if it had any additives like guarana or ginseng which is popular over here, as i can’t account for why it has “FIRE” written on the bottle, maybe because this stuff is strong?! Anyway, i forget which rating system i was using for these posts but it gets top marks ( five spoons?) and is reasonably priced at 4yuan ( 60cents)

some ‘art’ i have done while here…you can’t see the image very clearly but you can get the general idea. In the back, from left to right- Ester, Dani, Safa, Me, Julien and Huaiqian. in the front: Lucy and Reda.

Hope you are all well, if anyone still reads this haha.
see you soon.
Xx Christi


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