Bike club!

6 Jul

I joined a biking club this week. I don’t even know the name of it, but a friend introduced me to it.
It sounded awesome; every night go for a ride, as a group, to new places and new civilisations, to boldly go where no rider had gone before…Anyway, i arrived at 8pm at the designated place, had my bike instant-tuned by the professional riders and i was pumped up and ready to go wearing my comfy jeans and a basic shirt…I knew within two minutes that my choice of attire was a bad idea. These guys were super fast! It took all of my effort to keep up with them, sure i had a geared bike as did they all, but within two minutes I was outstripped by everyone save for a twelve year old girl and her protective dad. Did i mention i was going hacks? like riding for my life, the hounds-of-hell-are-on-my-heels kinda fast? 25 minutes in, i am still in front of the little girl, but only by a small margin, the other 46 people in our group were just flashing red tail lights in the misty distance, their red glows taunting me. 30 minutes and we had finally reached our destination. At the top of the hill lay the “yellow river mother” a scenic spot 13ks out of the city limit. It was at this point I thanked whatever gods had blessed me to be the only person in my family not to suffer from Asthma! On the way back I didn’t push myself as hard as on the way up, but i still challenged myself- All in all a round trip of over 26ks on my first night! lets just say copious amounts of Watermelon was consumed after.


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