14 Jul

Well, China really doesn’t want me to leave today, i swear. Firstly i forgot to book myself a hotel in Beijing ( just stupid but i have done it before no worries), endured the hottest bus ride to Beijing known to man, found no hotel under 400 so just went to the airport. slept on a booth seat in front of hungry jacks through a small riot over cancelled flights all because of a massive thunderstorm, nearly went to the wrong gate,- there was no spare showers!!! To top it off i had bad dreams about boys from highschool, and now i am sitting here in the smallest out of the way waiting room known to man…20hrs after i arrived in Beijing and 19 of those hours have been spent in the airport! gaaah! Thank god for free internet! There was one point where i ‘woke up’ to find myself watching Mad Max ( damn Mel Gibson) with a hot chocolate in my hand with no recollection of having bought it or turning the movie on! Sleep deprivation makes Christi go something something… Not to mention poor mum went to the airport today instead of tomorrow to collect me! sigh* Ok China i understand… not to go home anymore!
See most of you very soon 🙂 Love and Kisses from Beijing Capital Airport ( my third home)

I am sorry i didnt get half the presents i was supposed to get here.. so you will have to put up with my crappy ass gifts i collected over the months!


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