Sushi night

14 Sep

Monday was a very important day in the Chinese festival calender, similar in importance as Easter in the western traditions, Chinese mid-autumn festival. Most Chinese holidays focus around the importance of family, and this is no exception- Celebrated by buying Moon cakes, eating, drinking and general merry making, it is a time to be spent with family and friends. Usually everyone in the country has three days off for this holiday, however my university did not! ( we will however get a longer than average National day holiday in a few weeks)- This year i celebrated it a little differently than last year, True i ate moon cakes like last year ( moon cakes are round, baked mince pie like things filled with different fillings, usually sweet) But the difference this year is that instead of spending it thinking about family i spent it with some really cool dudes at the cinema and by eating Sushi. We are blessed in Binzhou ( compared to other small 3rd tier cities) in the fact that we have a cinema (in fact 2!) that show movies in both English and in Chinese, Also in 3D! so on Monday when the rest of China was spending quality time with their families, i was watching Captain America kick Nazi ass!- This was followed by an all you can eat, all you can drink Sake/sushi bonanza at one of Binzhou’s best ( and therefore, expensive) restuarants. We played an interesting card game called Bohnanza ( something about planting beans in a field and trying to reap coins) which ended up being a Sake sculling contest in the end! Hahaha
my partner in crime, Sam, and Jordan.
Kit and Ben

Monday was super fun!


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