1 Jul

So, this is a long overdue post. Now that WordPress has also been blocked in China, it makes it very difficult for me to get on here to let you guys ( if there is still anyone out there) keep up to date with my life.

Major Events in the last year.

#1 ( sorry sis)

I GOT ENGAGED! holy crap. yeah I happened to begin dating a good friend of mine over here, his name is Huaiqian ( you can see his photos earlier in the blogs history) and we got engaged last month!

His Family is very traditional and we had to go to his family home to officially engage with all of his relatives together. When we arrived i was most welcome. HuaiQian and i had been given a special room just for us,  it had been repaired for our visit and was decked in red ( lucky) bed clothes. the first day was spent relaxing while the second  was very busy!All of Huaiqians family came in the mid morning with much  food, all the women introduced themselves to me in basic chinese and  then we all sat down for a feast! All the women at one table and the men  at another, the men drank baijiu and the women drank beer or fruit  juice.we made jokes, they gave me marriage advice, we played with the  children and i served my mother in law with my own chopsticks ( to show  filial piety) they asked me what i liked about huaiqian and what our  future plans are.In the end of the day when the guests were leaving they  all tried to shove some money into our hands, As well Huaiqians father  payed a dowry price for me (a few thousand yuan)Which is the traditional  custom. Finally we caught a bus back to Binzhou and bought a big bag of  lollies to share with everyone we knew. ( share our happiness) And  thats basically our Engagement!
But really, I am insanely happy right now… 🙂

big news #2


yeah, my little sister, who will be married in a few weeks time, had a little baby girl who now goes by the name Antavia. Welcome to the world my little Neice~! When i meet you in a few weeks time prepare to be squeezed!
(It feels weird knowing my parents are now grandparents…)Anyway, thats an update for you, i hope the links work!

love Christi



One Response to “NEWS”

  1. tlwheeldon July 23, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    LIKE LIKE LIKE! 🙂 So exciting! So wonderful to see you so happy! xoxo

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