Snack review: Okra chips.

22 Jul

So usually i stay away from snacking in China as i find it already difficult to watch my weight when i am here, after losing 25kilos since my arrival almost three years ago, i have given up on chips and snacks in favour of whole foods and as much fresh produce as i can muster up. However i have remained approximatly the same weight for the last year, ( through lack of any real effort) I am now once again trying to shed a few of those pesky kilos. (only 15kg to go until goal!) Food in China is one of the cheapest commodities available, with fresh foods and vegetables being on par price wise to eating in a local hole in the wall restaurant, meant that i would just prefer to eat out than stay at home and cook. I have changed this habit somewhat since the new mega-awesome supermarket opened last year. Recently i have been changing some old habits, i buy salad greens, fresh ‘no artificials’ bread, fresh milk ( this is a new thing to china as most chinese are lactose intolerant) and more recently, new lines of ‘health’ snacks have been creeping into the local supermarkets shelves. Today i will give you an introduction to a new product line called ” vegetable crisp”
Ramen style noodle cup, with English and Chinese characters.
It says 35grams on the outside which doesnt sound like much, but….
I was pleasantly suprised to find a packed cup of freeze dried and lightly salted okra peices.
as far as snacks go this little ramen cup is on the more expensive side of Chinese snacks (5.20yuan= $0.78cents) but it was definitly worth it as these were delicious!
I give it 8 out of 10, as i think maybe there could have been a little bit more in the packet for what i paid…

p.s There are 3-4 other flavours as well, such as potato, sweet potato and tomato… maybe more! yum!


One Response to “Snack review: Okra chips.”

  1. tlwheeldon July 23, 2012 at 2:30 am #

    Crazy! I was expecting to see chips or biscuits so that just blew my mind! 😀

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