buying a house

27 Nov


The reason we decided to buy the house that we did is because in all of the new housing estates in Binzhou, this one was not only incredibly conveniently located but also fairly decent in price, but mainly because they are the only one who expressly aid that we don’t need a guarantor (担保人) for the damn place ( because i am a foreigner and could run away at any moment back to my country) It was a nice change for someone to actually say ‘hey, we trust you!” turns out… I WAS WRONG! We went to get the bank loan today and they said all our paperwork is in order but you need a guarantor.. after all that! plus we paid the deposit to the company already! My husband isn’t a local, so finding a guarantor is impossible. plus the conditions..our guarantor must be married, have a steady, contracted job and be willing to take full responibility for the house! For me to find someone, thats impossible, the same reason we need a guaruntor is the same reason no one will be our guarantor! Actually it’s put me in a bad mood, Feeling a little depressed about it. I will ask the two people i know in Binzhou, if they say no, then Huaiqian must ask his teacher! If she says no, we are going to have to pay money to a company to do it for us… and thats another 30,000元 just for them to sign their name!

sigh.    /Rant


One Response to “buying a house”

  1. tlwheeldon November 28, 2012 at 12:52 am #

    Oh no 😦 How frustrating!!! :< I would be depressed too hun. Im sure you will find a way through it though. Good luck xoxo

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