4 Dec


I thought about ding something like this every year, just to see what kind of things would be important to me over the year as time goes buy it may be interesting to see how my needs/ wants change. Anyway, here is a breakdown

1: In Australia I had a big wooden Chest which i kept some things for my future house and one day future child- I gave that Chest to my good friends mainly because it would be impossible to take it to China with me, so now i want a new one, but i want it to be a flat top so it can double as a coffee table!

2: some fresh fruit ( here some cranberries) to make some chutneys and some sauces/ jams. The supply is limited here and some fruits completely unavailable. ( like cranberries)

3. A good pair of well fitting black jeans, Doesnt have to be skinny legs but must be flattering!

4. Coloured felt. I have a burning need for craft supplies that can’t be cured!

5. An old school sandwich maker. God i loved these things so much, and i would love to introduce HuaiQian to an Australian kids classic! ( plus nothing beats a spaghetti sandwich which you nearly burn your mouth on trying to eat!) ahhh the memories!

6. Would love to get my hands on some biotin tablets! My hair is in need of some lovin’ and my skin isn’t too crash hot either.

7. Yep, its a crockpot. Thanks to pintrest i truly believe that my life would become completely amazing with the addition of this to my kitchen.


What about you? Do you have a little wishlist of your own? What do you want for Christmas this year?


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