Hot Pot home style

9 Jan


In China, some things are so delicious when you go to the restuarant, that sometimes you want to try it at home. Usually this either ends in disaster or at least not as delicious as you thought. I am happy to say, Home made Hot pot is just as good (if not better) than store bought. here is our ingredients. p.s This is just a sample, you can use practically anything!
1. 山药 Chinese Yam
2.地瓜 Sweet potato
3.粉丝 glass noodles
4.白菜 cabbage
5. Hot pot seasoning packet (contains oil and stock)
6.剃肉 shaved meat (frozen)
7. 花生酱 peanut sauce (essentially oily peanut butter)
8.野山椒 little green peppers (sweet and hot!)
9.辣椒酱 spice paste
10. Assorted frozen meatballs/ tofu bites
11.腐竹 tofu skin
12. 金菇 Enoki mushroom
13. 菠菜 spinach leaves
14. Pot with water, two slices of ginger, a crushed clove of garlic and a small handful of goji berries.  All Resting on an electric induction cooker.

I would love to be able to replicate this in Australia but i think there may be one too many specialist materials ( like peanut sauce, and the induction cooker particularly)
Anyway, its all delicious, and healthy too!



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