Freaking out about the wedding. pt.1

12 Jan

Just a quick one to say, Its 5 mths until we plan to tie the knot in a beautiful and elaborate ceremony that will shock and awe the pants of my visiting relatives (12 people flying in  from Australia) and we have prepared…NOTHING! aaaaaargh! I think the next few blogs will be some montages of wedding ideas. Please bear with with me as i try to organise my life!

On some of my next few posts you will see something like this:


1.Venue incomplete

2. dresses incomplete

3. weight incomplete

4. hotels incomplete

5. reception details incomplete

6. cars incomplete

7. hire of bus incomplete

8. Music incomplete

9. rent of secondary house incomplete

10. Pre-wedding photos incomplete

As things are completed (hopefully) I can begin to tick them off and perhaps explain a few of them as i go!









One Response to “Freaking out about the wedding. pt.1”

  1. tlwheeldon January 13, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    Good luck gorgeous! Cant wait for the box ticking updates! And pictures! You must include pictures!

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