Wedding planning part 2

27 Mar

Thought i might give some detail of the wedding plans

1.Venue complete! We chose to go with the University hotel which is brand new, expensive and pretty special. Many people get married here as it is pretty swanky and close to town.

2. dresses in progress One dress has been reserved for my use, and another will be made soon enough. Its tradition to wear two on the day, so it should be interesting. One White, and one red.

3. weight incomplete I have practically given up on this! Just going to eat healthy and see how we go.

4. hotels complete! Hotel for family is booked. Not yet paid for, but will be soon.

5. reception details complete! Finally found a wedding company to do our decorating and so on. We will even have a cake!

6. cars incomplete Looking for to hire two high end cars to chauffeur us on the wedding day.

7. hire of bus complete Bus has been booked to take us too and from Beijing.

8. Music incomplete I don’t even know why i wrote music here… Meh, must be a good reason..

9. rent of secondary house organised Using a friends house in the same housing block as us.

10. Tours booked Still have’nt paid for it, but two tours are booked for family. One to Jinan, the other for all of us to Tai an.

11. photos inprogress Getting done monday!! yeah!

Miscellaneous other things.  incomplete wine, lollies, shoes, etc

 Anyway, there is still a lot to do at only 6 weeks out. I am freaking out. but Huaiqian will take holidays soon to go and buy all of the necessary things. hopefully he can get things done nicely…(tell you the truth i am super anxious)


One Response to “Wedding planning part 2”

  1. tlwheeldon March 29, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

    Sounds like its coming together hun! How exciting! Do you have any photos of your wedding dress?! email me!!!

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