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Freaking out about the wedding. pt.1

12 Jan

Just a quick one to say, Its 5 mths until we plan to tie the knot in a beautiful and elaborate ceremony that will shock and awe the pants of my visiting relatives (12 people flying in  from Australia) and we have prepared…NOTHING! aaaaaargh! I think the next few blogs will be some montages of wedding ideas. Please bear with with me as i try to organise my life!

On some of my next few posts you will see something like this:


1.Venue incomplete

2. dresses incomplete

3. weight incomplete

4. hotels incomplete

5. reception details incomplete

6. cars incomplete

7. hire of bus incomplete

8. Music incomplete

9. rent of secondary house incomplete

10. Pre-wedding photos incomplete

As things are completed (hopefully) I can begin to tick them off and perhaps explain a few of them as i go!









buying a house

27 Nov


The reason we decided to buy the house that we did is because in all of the new housing estates in Binzhou, this one was not only incredibly conveniently located but also fairly decent in price, but mainly because they are the only one who expressly aid that we don’t need a guarantor (担保人) for the damn place ( because i am a foreigner and could run away at any moment back to my country) It was a nice change for someone to actually say ‘hey, we trust you!” turns out… I WAS WRONG! We went to get the bank loan today and they said all our paperwork is in order but you need a guarantor.. after all that! plus we paid the deposit to the company already! My husband isn’t a local, so finding a guarantor is impossible. plus the conditions..our guarantor must be married, have a steady, contracted job and be willing to take full responibility for the house! For me to find someone, thats impossible, the same reason we need a guaruntor is the same reason no one will be our guarantor! Actually it’s put me in a bad mood, Feeling a little depressed about it. I will ask the two people i know in Binzhou, if they say no, then Huaiqian must ask his teacher! If she says no, we are going to have to pay money to a company to do it for us… and thats another 30,000元 just for them to sign their name!

sigh.    /Rant


22 Nov

Today Husband and I were discussing if we should go back to Australia this year or not. Its a big decision to pack up our house and move over seas. At least we will have a house to store our stuff, but still, if we don’t make money while we are over there, it could be very difficult. If we were to do it, i would think that we should save at least a year and a half of loan repayments so we don’t have to worry about the house when we are gone. But the biggest factor is our little family. All i can think about is what about our Children. We want our child to be a Chinese citizen, as we will spend most of our time here, in China, but to do that ( the easiest way) i must give birth here… If we go to Oz, then we would have to delay having children for a few years… and i don’t like that. Either that or we wait for a few years (maybe three) and take our little baby over with us… I don’t know! W e will see how things are in a few months! Maybe something will change!

Got any advice?

Xx Christi

new house, new hair colour

22 Nov


So after all of the “should we or shouldn’t we” of buying a house, we decided that we should! Husband and i have just put our names on a contract for a house ( an apartment by Australian standards) in a new housing estate very close to my work at the university. ( Its right across the road!) We will be on the 7th floor! My only beef with the place is the kitchen! Its very small in my opinion. Oh well, the rest kind of makes up for it! It will be ready for decoration work in May, about the same time we will be holding our super awesome wedding!

New hair colour, ‘coz i think it looked like i was half bald in the last photo i put up…


yep..black! Its been a while since we saw that colour on my head!



marriage license get!

22 Nov

marriage license get!

its official. married!


31 Jul

I had a feeling when i first got to know you, It just took you two years to realise. I am so in love with you!