The greenest green tea biscuit

10 Sep

Oishi brand ‘Harvest’ green tea biscuits looked appetising sitting on the store shelf. Its lurid greeny-yellow packaging called out to me to try what i assumed would be a savoury experience. The packet reads ‘0g trans fats’, using rice bran oil to cook them. It also claims on the back to be a good substitute for breakfast, and is endorsed by the American heart foundation.

Taking the cracker style biscuit out of the packet i immediatly noticed a coating of sugar crystals on the top… what was i getting myself into here? But then i remembered…its China! The first sensation was pleasent. firm and crunchy but definitely not savoury, it was like a real green tea hit, the flavour was present and i couldnt mistake it for anything but what it was, green tea! Personally i like to drink very week green tea, but this was like it had used a full strength pot! If you like green tea then this is the biscuit for you! I give this biscuit 2.5 out of 5 stars


One Response to “The greenest green tea biscuit”

  1. Mummsy September 11, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    Hi darlin, glad 2 see that u are ok,happy 2 hear that u still have a lot of enthusiasm 4 the place and the situation.

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